The Weird Back To The Future Prop Lea Thompson Saved From Part 2

For those that don’t recall, the prosthetic in discussion here is part of the costume that Lea Thompson wears as the alternate 1985 version of Lorraine, a.k.a. Lorraine Baines Tannen. In the horrible timeline created when 1955 Biff gets a sports almanac from his future self, Lorraine winds up marrying him and lives like a prisoner in a hotel/casino penthouse that her husband owns. When Marty shows up, it winds up causing a major fight, during which Lorraine reveals that Biff basically forced her to get breast implants. She yells in anger that her rotten spouse can “keep them,” which is funny to think about now knowing that Lea Thompson was actually the one who kept them. This delightful moment is captured in the screenshot below:

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